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Our Mission

We are Vancouver’s only gourmet, and fully customizable healthy meal-prep company. Our mission has been to provide Vancouverites the most sustainable yet affordable solution to healthy eating. We value personal preferences and We believe one size doesn’t fit all, especially with nutrition. Accomplishing your goals doesn't just mean having the motivation, it requires taking the right steps in preparation. Whether your goals are to improve your health and fitness, save time, or anything else, food should be your fuel not your worry. if you want to fuel your body right and eat healthy but don't have the time – we’ve got your back! Our professional culinary team loves food as much as you do, and is passionate about fitness. With carefully designed macro-balanced weekly menu as well as custom meal builder option, we offer you unprecedented choice and variety. Healthy eating is now more accessible, affordable and easier than eating

About Crave Healthiness

Crave Healthiness Food & Nutrition began in 2017 as a private diet and nutrition consultation service primarily working with athletes during competition prep. In 2018 we expanded to serving the general public. From champion professional athletes to seniors on dietary restrictions, we’ve supported hundreds of clients on their health & fitness journey. Our team has grown and so has our reach but our commitment to bringing healthy functional food to people remains strong as ever.
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